Help, I’m hooked on prescription anxiety medication and don’t know how to get off of it!  We’ve heard this many times and have helped thousands of people beat pill addictions here at the treatment center.  Many people turn to the widely available prescription pill market to treat any number of ailments including acute anxiety.  Of course, the danger with this approach is the risk of addiction.  However there are many alternatives to anxiety pills and even once you detox from an unhealthy addiction to such medication, there is still the problem of dealing with your anxiety.  Fortunately there are some amazing home remedies that have a long history of positive results in dealing with anxiety.



A kind of cure-all in the realm of hot tea enthusiasts, chamomile can be procured from any local supermarket and used in hot tea.  It’s well known for calming anxious nerves and settling down an overactive mental state.  Try some hot chamomile tea to soothe your anxiety the next time it flares up.


Lemon Balm

With a long history of successfully treating anxiety, lemon balm has many anti-stress properties.  It comes from the mint family and can be steeped in tea or added to cooked meals to release its calming properties.


Valerian Root

Another staple in the herbalist’s cabinet, Valerian Root has many organic homeopathic properties, not the least of which is a reduction of stress and anxiety. The root is not as tasty as chamomile or lemon balm so it’s better to mix it with other more delicious herbs.  It can be used as a sleep aid or general relaxant.



Not just good for brewing up beer, these bitter flowers can be added to a mix with sweeter herbs like chamomile to brew up a sleep-friendly tea before bed.  They have natural muscle relaxing abilities and a calming effect on the mind.



Not something common to tea or other drinks, lavender still has many relaxing properties when used in aromatherapy.  Burning essential oils or incense sticks can help you fall asleep and stay relaxed, a great way to beat anxiety.


There are always other options besides popping pills to deal with common problems like anxiety.  We’ve had home remedies for these things long before the pharmaceutical complex sprung to life with its truckloads of little white capsules.  Take a moment to peruse the wealth of options in the homeopathic market and see what other goodies you can find to steer you away from addictive substances.

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