An addiction intervention is a popular method widely used to convince addicts to seek treatment for their condition. Usually an intervention is put together by family or loved ones with the goal simply being to have the addict accept treatment. Rather than focus on the difficulty and details of rehab—interventions typically only ask the addict to say “yes” to accepting treatment they’re offering. In many situations, the help of a family intervention specialist is crucial in ensuring the intervention runs smoothly.

Keep in mind, this person should be a professional who is familiar and experienced in working with families who have suffered from an addiction. We’ll identify 5 things to look for when choosing a family intervention specialist.


Board registered and licensed


Look for a professional intervention specialist who is a licensed or certified mental health professional. For example, anyone can claim they are professional intervention specialist, so confirmed their credentials is important. Intervention specialists could be anyone from a counselor, psychologist, or therapist. Consider choosing a professional who is registered with the Association of Intervention Specialist Board, as this group must have a minimum of two years experience with interventions.




In addition to being registered and licensed, the intervention specialist should have plenty of experience in planning and carrying out successful family interventions. Don’t be afraid to ask the specialist about their background and success rates.


Appropriate approach


Along with differing backgrounds, intervention specialists’ methods will vary. Some people will use a calm, sympathetic approach whereas others can be more forward and strictly to the point. Based on the needs of the addict, chose a specialist who will work best. If your loved one responds well to tough love, perhaps a stricter special would be a good choice. If the person is a little more sensitive, a calmer intervention specialist is probably the best route to take.


Cost and payment options


As with many healthcare treatments, holding an intervention can be costly. Sometimes, insurance companies will cover some of the cost, but usually not the total. The best intervention specialists will understand this and be open about their prices and flexibility with payment plans if needed.



The best intervention specialists will provide an experience tailored to each individual addict. This means they will assess the situation properly and decide which type of approach to take based on the circumstances. Be sure to have this discussion with the specialist and focus on the addict’s personality as a starting point when determining the approach.


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