It doesn’t matter what kind of addiction a person has – all addictions lead to many problems and can cause feelings of helpless and lack of self-control. Quitting isn’t as easy as telling someone to quit – they have to want to quit and be ready to quit. Below are seven signs someone isn’t ready to quit.

  • They’re defensive. Someone who isn’t ready to quit using drugs tends to be overly sensitive to any suggestions that they should. Instead of discussing the question, they deflect and accuse and refuse to engage the topic rationally, overreacting to words that shouldn’t elicit strong emotional reactions. They feel like they’re being attacked and they’re acting on it.
  • They make excuses. They make excuses for why they are continuing their addiction. They had a hard day. They need it for pain. It doesn’t hurt anything. They only do it on the weekends. They are looking for any excuse to feed their addiction.
  • They complain all the time. They talk about how hard it is or that they are really trying to quit. Complaints make them feel like nobody understands how hard it really is, so nobody is going to help, so they might as well not bother.
  • They keep secrets and lie. Someone who knows they should quit will often hide their behaviors so that nobody else give them a hard time. They might be going through the motions of being in recovery, such as going to support groups, but are still secretly using.
  • They judge other users. Many people with addictions who aren’t ready to quit are quick to point their fingers at others. They tell others what to do and ignore what they should do themselves.
  • They have no self-control. They attempt to cut back or keep the same friends, but they can’t control their use. They always insist they can, then end up using again. The lack of control over their substance abuse is the very definition of addiction, but they might not even admit that’s what is going on.
  • They’re rebellious. Someone who isn’t ready to quit will simply rebel against the idea of stopping their addiction. They won’t listen to reason and they won’t change their behavior. They feel like they are taking a stand for their rights, but they simply continue to hurt themselves and others.

Addiction is very difficult for the person who is addicted and for everyone around them. If you have a friend or family member who is addicted to anything, it’s all well and good to tell them to stop smoking, drinking, watching porn, or whatever their addiction is. If they are displaying any of the above signs, they aren’t ready to quit. If you need help finding an addiction treatment plan that will suit your loved one when he or she is ready to quit, there are resources available to help. The staff at Treatment Now can answer questions and provide guidance 24/7. Just call us at 844-438-8689.