Making the decision to attend rehab is difficult, but once someone chooses to attend they often wonder what to expect. Some will feel anxious or nervous about their first day, but rest assured, the treatment facility is ready to make newcomers feel at home and welcome.


Aside from taking our word for it, doing some research on what goes on in a normal day of rehab can help calm the nerves first timers will experience. Here is a rundown of a typical day in residential rehab. Note, the time these activities occur will vary.


Usually, the day will begin with waking patients at 7:00am. Morning meditation is sometimes done before eating breakfast. Once breakfast is done, fellowship is usually up next. A fellowship is defined as a group of people who share similar goals. 12 steps groups are the most well known out of all recovery fellowships. Expect to take this time to be part of a group therapy session. In rehab each person is considered an equal, so everyone will have their opportunity to have their say during these sessions.


These large group therapy sessions will sometimes break off into smaller groups based upon needs for each individual. Some of these specialty groups could include anger, leisure, grief, mental health, and stress management. Groups will also break up into individual sessions to work on personal growth plans.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular treatment in rehab, because it helps people change the way they think about themselves, other people, and the world. It helps people understand how their actions affect their thoughts and feelings, and how those thoughts and feelings affect their actions.


In addition to group and individual therapy sessions, educational lectures are often shown to the group. They will cover topics appropriate to addiction and rehab. After viewing, the group will discuss the lecture in order to process and learn.


The day will be broken up by several short breaks, as well as an hour for lunch and dinner. Other activities on the schedule could include wellness activities, like exercise, relaxation, and biofeedback. Biofeedback is a technique that trains people to improve their health by controlling certain bodily processes that normally happen involuntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature.


Patients will have some time alone for journaling, reflection, individual homework assigned by therapists, and reading, but it will be limited. Expect days to be busy and full of productive activities. This helps patients keep their focus on the task at hand—recovery.


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