Ambien is an effective sleep aid, but it is also highly addictive. You may have developed an Ambien addiction without realizing that you are addicted. If you’ve attempted to stop using Ambien, you’ve likely experienced muscle cramps, vomiting, panic attacks, tremors, and other withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing from Ambien can be dangerous because of the severity of these symptoms. Ambien detox is best done under supervision to ensure the safety of the process.


Ambien will begin to leave your system very quickly after you take it and you might experience withdrawal symptoms in as little as two hours after your last dose. A safe and supervised Ambien detox program will have you tapering your Ambien usage at a rate of roughly ten percent per week or, if your addiction is more severe, per every two weeks. Your doctor will likely recommend that you begin an Ambien detox only when you are not expecting higher levels of stress, and only if other anxiety or depression disorders are under control. Safe Ambien detox may also require your doctor to prescribe other medications, including benzodiazepine, anticonvulsants or sedatives.


Again because of the severity of the withdrawal symptoms and to ensure safety, many Ambien detox programs are done at inpatient rehab centers. The initial seven- to ten-days of inpatient treatment will be dedicated to initiating a safe detox. The next thirty to ninety days will continue and combine the detox with behavioral therapy and counseling sessions. You can become both physically and psychologically addicted to Ambien and your detox and rehab should be structured to address both levels of addiction.


If you elect outpatient treatment for Ambien detox and rehab, you’ll likely receive daily counseling along with supervision of your medications by a doctor or therapist. Outpatient Ambien detox can be done safely if you and your doctor have determined that you are a low risk for relapse. If you have multiple physical or psychological health problems, including other depression or anxiety disorders, you will be better and more safely served with an inpatient Ambien detox program and facility.


The first step toward safe and effective Ambien detox will always be your decision to stop using the drug. If you attempt to stop your Ambien usage “cold turkey” and without supervision and assistance, however, you may be risking seizures and other severe withdrawal symptoms. Talk to your doctor and enlist the assistance of your support community, including your family, and work with them to establish a safe plan for your Ambien detox.


Your addiction recovery specialist will evaluate the extent of your Ambien addiction and will recommend the safest tapering program to complete your Ambien detox. You will likely need ongoing support and therapy to complete a safe and effective Ambien detox and rehab.  


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