It is often the case that any mental conditions or previous trauma’s are the cause of alcohol and drug dependency. Alcohol and drug dependency are an individuals way out of confronting those previous experiences or having to acknowledge mental illness.

The counseling options begin with one-on-one sessions that gradually work their way into becoming larger group settings. The one-on-one sessions are done with a trained and compassionate counselor, psychologist or medical psychiatrist. The group counseling sessions will become a support system for those who will go through the journey of recovery together. There are skill-building exercises and these sessions are crafted to build lasting relationships.

Our counseling services are there to help guide you through the journey you wish to take and where you have been. We take into account all that has brought you to this point in your life. We are all unique, and talking through these sessions with your counselor will help us to better understand how to help. You may discover new things about yourself during these sessions that will become important in clicking into what’s at the core of addiction.