With respect to recovering addicts, experts view total sobriety and abstinence as the ultimate objective. Yet, there is a school of thought which believes that an occasional drink or a puff of marijuana is not as calamitous as people would have you believe. It will not lead to a relapse. In fact, according to this thought, total abstinence places unrealistic pressures on a recovering addict.

Let us try and understand what works best. The general opinion experts hold is that when talking of full-blown addiction, total abstinence is the most beneficial approach. This is the tried and tested method for fully overcoming chronic drug abuse. This does not mean that a reformed addict will never be able to regain his place in society if he takes an occasional drink. It simply means that the risk of a relapse is just not worth taking.

Addictions are tied to cravings. An occasional drink that has arisen from a craving may open the floodgates to relapse, this is not a risk worth taking. During the early years of recovery, an addict needs to be kept away from triggers that can awaken a craving. These triggers could be a conversation about the drug, stress, or meeting old addict friends. Cravings are difficult to manage, and therefore the safe approach is to stay away from them. You cannot ever satisfy a craving. Trying to sate it will simply fuel it. Once you’ve taken a drink, you’ll be compelled to take another one. And, before you know it, a single incident like this can become a pattern, and you’ll have spiralled into addictive behavior once more.

Moderated use of drugs or alcohol is difficult for an addict, and total abstinence is a difficult idea to accept. This is the reason why many addicts try their level best to stay away from recovery centers. They like the idea of therapy that promises results from moderated use of addictive substances. With addicts, the stage of moderation is long past. Even if they try to limit their drinks, their bodies will exhibit withdrawal symptoms and signs of physical dependence will arise. This will force them to pour another drink.

The point is simple. If addicts could practice moderation, then there would be no need for treatment centers. There is very little benefit in allowing addicts an occasional drink; the potential for harm is immense. There is a clear risk of lapsing back into addiction. Not only this, a drug addict trying a drink, thinking that it’s milder and therefore manageable, runs a big risk. Because mild intoxicants invariably lead to hard drugs.

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