Is society today overly dependent on medication? Today, a visit to a doctor means coming out of the clinic with prescriptions. We rush to the medicine box for medicines for everything, from the common cold to more serious conditions. No doubt, medical science has made admirable advances and has contributed tremendously to improving the quality of our lives. And yet, one cannot help but feel that we have become a society that is overly medicated. If we don’t have medicine for a condition, then we aim to treat its symptoms with medicine. There’s a lot of money at stake. Pharmaceutical companies make big money by selling drugs. Every second American is on prescription medicine. Are drugs that essential to our well being?

Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed medicine; one out of ten Americans takes an antidepressant. Women are more likely to take an antidepressant, one out of four women in America is on antidepressants. There has been a steady rise in the number of prescribed antidepressants in America. In fact, the number of prescriptions doubled in the decade from 1996 to 2005. The numbers make one wonder if America indeed is in the midst of a depression epidemic. Could it be possible that 10% of the nation’s population suffers from depression? There are people who believe that the greed of medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies is the reason for these numbers. Doctors do not hesitate to prescribe antidepressants as treatment for what may not really be cases of clinical depression.

Society watchers point to the fact that the number of medicines being introduced in the market keeps increasing every day. A bulk of the newer medicines are just variants of existing medicines, and a lot of these are antidepressants. Pharmaceutical companies are no longer spending as much as they should on research, instead their budgets are being directed toward marketing. Society is being bombarded with ads about medicines that are subtly touted as essential for a healthy life.

While doctors are predisposed to prescribe medicine for depression, very often they simply take the patient’s word for it, without carrying out any tests on their own. Patients are liable to mistake sadness and stress as symptoms of depression. They may be wrong about their condition. One theory suggests that people readily agree to take antidepressants because of the stigma attached to mental conditions. Talk therapies have emerged as effective alternatives to antidepressants. The issue with therapies that address depression and related mental conditions is that they are not easily available. We are more used to popping pills instead of talking about and sharing our condition.

Also, medicines can be taken in privacy whereas going for therapy exposes your condition to others. People consider talking about their condition a sign of weakness and often shy away from doing so.

Medication should not be the first line of treatment for depression. Exercise and therapy should be first tried.

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