By the time you reach the point of deciding to pursue recovery, you’ve probably forgotten how wide a range the emotional scale can be. Buried under one high after another, you become numb. So it’s not unusual to get hit by a deluge of uncomfortable feelings as you start sobering up and clearing the cobwebs. Front and center will be good old anxiety. Know that you’re not alone. This is normal.

If you can stay strong, don’t give in to the old urge of chasing a fix to deal with your problems, then the feelings of anxiousness will fade and eventually diminish while you take control of your life.

Self-medicating your troubles away is no longer an option, so what do you do now?

In extreme cases of anxiety, some doctors may prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to get you through those early days. However, because these are often addictive in themselves, the use of meds should be determined one-on-one between you and your doctor (who has full disclosure with regards to your case history).

Recovery without Medication

**It’s OKAY to ask for help**
This will be one of the most important skills you’ll need to learn in order to stay sober. At difficult times reach out to the trusted members in your support team. Be honest about your feelings of anxiety. Sometimes just talking the problem out with a friend will help more than you realize.

**Instead of mediCating, try mediTating**
Anyone can meditate when anxious by simply taking a moment to sit still, close their eyes, and clear their mind. Concentrate on slow, deep breaths, and be conscious of how your body feels in that moment. Let all thoughts and worries (past and future) leave your mind so that you’re left with the present. Slowing down to deal with nothing but the NOW will relieve anxiety by eliminating the pressure of too many things to deal with at once.

**Prayer can be therapeutic if you believe in God or a Higher Power**
Which ever higher power you place your faith in, there is comfort in ritual. Sit before your shrine, kneel at your altar, however you communicate just take the time for your spiritual relationships.

**Distract Yours—Oh look, shiny!**
More often than not, anxiety attacks are temporary. Another way to deal these is to have a plan of distraction in place for when you feel an attack coming on. Have a book on hand, a craft project, be prepared to go for a run or walk the dog, anything to get away from the situation bringing on the anxiety.

**Every day you get is a reason to be grateful**
Keep sight of the important things. Appreciate what you have. Remembering these will help you put things into perspective as you travel the route to recovery. If you start feeling hopeless or like giving up, stop for a moment to remember the twisting, turning, clusterfudge of a mess a non-sober existence was.

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