Living a newly sober lifestyle can be a major shock to many recovering addicts. For some, after spending a month or so at an inpatient rehab facility, the real world seem be frightening. Without the option to use again, many people assume their lives will be quite boring, which can lead to dangerous situations and sometimes relapses. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


When people are addicted to a substance, their world revolves around obtaining and using it. They often don’t care to partake in any activity that doesn’t include their substance of choice. Once the addict goes through rehab, however, their focus shifts. They are no longer controlled by their addiction, and have a newfound power over their feelings and life. Seeing clearly shows the recovering addict the world is their oyster now that they are sober.


Being sober and excited to experience life in this way is excellent, but ultimately some people will end up feeling bored. Rehabs consider boredom a potential relapse trigger because it can cause recovering addicts to miss their old lives. If this starts to become a problem, there are many ways to focus on finding fun things to do that don’t include substance abuse.


Experiment with different activities in early sobriety. Try new things, even if they don’t sound like much fun. They could surprisingly end up being a new hobby, and taking a chance is a positive thing.


Maintain several or more hobbies. Don’t allow addiction substitution to take over one specific activity, meaning using said activity as a way to escape dealing with problems. This is less likely to become an issue if a recovering addict has more than one hobby.


Revisit old passions. Many addicts lose sight of old passions when their addiction takes over. This could be anything from exercising, creating art, seeing movies, reading, etc. Try dusting off these old practices along with some new ones for an exciting take on sobriety.


Stay away from bars. Don’t spend a lot of time in bars or nightclubs where alcohol and other drugs are prevalent, especially during the early recovery period. After a significant amount of time maintaining sobriety, some feel as though spending time in bars is not difficult, but the temptations will always be there, so be cautious.


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