As an addict, one of the hardest parts of the recovery process is wrapping your mind around living free of substances. A solid addiction is something firmly and deeply embedded in your life, which sometimes makes it hard to say goodbye. In order to train yourself to let go of the anxiety and hunger of addiction, focus your energy on what is positive and remain fully present in the moment, feeling everything about life’s experiences (good and bad) while maintaining sobriety. At first, this may seem insurmountable but with support it is possible to achieve presence and awareness in each moment.


Acknowledge that things have changed. What happened is in the past and cannot change, what is here now is fully present, while the future can change at any given moment. This is important when considering what to do with your time without addiction at the front and center of your attention. Negative effects of the addictive behavior may have resulted in harm to loved ones, but it should not stop you from acknowledging the new you standing tall today, able to move forward with a positive outlook.


Presence of Mind in Recovery

You are in control of the recovery process. Nobody owns your sobriety but you. Make amends to those you may have harmed in the cycle of addiction and begin to move forward. There are many ways to focus on being present here and now, which can be particularly beneficial in the recovery process.


Everything happening in your life is not in the past or the future, it is here and now. While it is tempting to get lost in the past, including regrets and ‘should have done’ thinking, this can be detrimental to the recovery process. It is not only mentally draining but it is physically exhausting to wonder ‘what if’ and feel lost in what cannot be changed. Today is the moment we have, there are chances to make it better and seek joy and fulfillment. Focus on what is good and true about today, worry less about the past and seek peace.


Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily. Recovery is a difficult process, with a grateful mind and heart it can be much easier to stay focused on sobriety. It is likely that you stumbled and fell many times during the recovery process. Do not dwell on that. Rather, focus on the fact that you are sober now, something to be seen as a blessing.


Build into your day a mindfulness practice that involves sitting quietly for a few moments to be present with your body, your breathing, and an awareness of what you feel. Acknowledge negative feelings and let them go. Only embrace the good, positive vibes and breathe deeply. This will help bring attention to the moment, the fact you are alive to breathe this breath and feel the air in your lungs will be a reminder of how far you have come.


Accept and honor this moment.


The past is gone, and the future is down the road. All you can control is what you’ll do here and now in the moment. Not two months from now. Not what you did an hour ago.  This.

There is a phrase that says ‘there is no time like the present.’ Each moment is a gift. Use it to your advantage and experience all that life has to offer. Then go out into the world and share a smile, a warm hug, a kind word, and feel grateful for the opportunity to be here now.


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