Yes, OxyContin can kill you. It is a powerful analgesic and an overdose can kill. In fact, most fatalities associated with OxyContin abuse are caused by overdose. Let us take a look at the symptoms of OxyContin overdose and steps to be taken if such a situation arises.

OxyContin was made available in 1995. It is a delayed release drug that supplies the body with a dose of oxycodone over an extended period of time. The drug is prescribed to alleviate pain related to arthritis, fractures, back problems, sickle cell disease, and also to bring succour from coughs and post-labor pain.

OxyContin contains only one active ingredient, oxycodone. This is an opioid, a synthetically produced opiate. A prescription drug, oxycodone is also available combined with ibuprofen and acetaminophen. However, OxyContin offers this powerful opiate in its purest form, and without combining it with any other drug. Opiates offer relief from pain, but also give a “high”. OxyContin is addictive, and withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant. They include cramps, loose motions, queasiness, retching, and unclear thinking.

OxyContin abuse comes with the risk of death from overdosing. People who inject, snort, or smoke OxyContin, or consume it in doses higher than prescribed, are abusing this drug. Users who develop tolerance for OxyContin have to increase the dose or the frequency in order to experience the euphoria. Tolerance can lead to physical dependence, and then addiction. Addicts are risk from life-threatening conditions such as hepatitis B and AIDS from using contaminated equipment. Symptoms of OxyContin overdose are different from the side effects one experiences from consuming the prescribed dose. A person who overdoses on OxyContin will feel sleepy; breathing becomes dangerously slow and shallow. There is a risk of complete cessation of respiration. This can be fatal or can lead to permanent brain damage from a lack of oxygen to the brain.

In case of an OxyContin overdose, the subject must be immediately taken to a hospital. Naloxone is the preferred antidote given in case of OxyContin overdose. Charcoal to absorb the drug from the stomach, and a laxative to flush it out, should also be given.

Oxycodone is the most abused prescription drug in America. It is a potentially deadly drug. If you have questions about how to get rid of OxyContin addiction, then get in touch with Treatment Now. We can provide you with answers, and also put you in touch with a recovery center that is best suited to help you quit this drug. Call now. 844-438-8689