Teenagers often experiment with drugs. Many of them do it out of peer pressure or curiosity, but others simply don’t realize the dangers of their drug use or care about the possibility of becoming addicted. Contemporary teenagers are more likely to try and continue to use drugs than teenagers in the past, and hundred of teenagers are sent to rehabilitation centers each year. So what makes modern teenagers so attracted to drug usage?


Drug Risks

Many teenagers are unaware of the risks of drug abuse or simply do not believe that the consequences of drug usage can happen to them. Many of them know someone who uses drugs and may appear to be fine or have any problems caused by their drug usage. Teenagers believe that most drugs are safe and are therefore more likely to try them or use them on a regular basis.



Marijuana is often called a gateway drug. This means it is often one of the first drugs that a person tries and once they use it for a while they are ready to move on to other drugs. Marijuana is often considered a safe drug and is now legal in many states in the United States. Because of this, many teenagers think that it is not only okay to use marijuana but other drugs as well.



Because so many teenagers are using and abusing a variety of drugs, teenagers are often exposed to drugs on a daily basis. Many teenagers are able to resist the urge to try drugs and have the ability to say no to peer pressure. Unfortunately, the pressure and temptation can be more than most teenagers can bare. Almost all additions start within someone simply trying a drug offered to them by a friend or family member. Many drugs are instantly addicting, and the user finds that they want to take more up the drug a short time after their high wears off.


Signs Of Addiction

Teenagers are often good at hiding their drug usage and addiction, but there are several things a parent or friend can watch for to determine if a teenager is abusing drugs or has a drug addiction. These signs include,


  • Mood Changes
  • Lack Of Social Interaction
  • Denial
  • Depression
  • Need For Money
  • Problem With The Law


There are also many physical symptoms of drug use that can vary by drug and user. These signs may include red eyes, dental problems, skin lesions, needle marks or an overall rundown appearance.


Getting Help For Your Addict Teen

Watching your teenager struggle with drug addiction can be extremely hard for a parent. Drugs are dangerous and can ruin a teenager’s life. The good news is that there is help available in the form of detox and rehab. Teens who attend a rehabilitation program can beat their addictions and lead normal lives going forward.


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