Otherwise known as crack-cocaine, this illegal drug is a mixture of two parts cocaine and one part baking soda. This chemical process reverts the powder-cocaine making process by one step, producing a smokable form of the naturally found alkaloid cocaine. Because of its nature as an inhalable substance, the high is quicker and more intense, leading to a larger number of addicts.

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Smoking crack primarily makes the user feel euphoric and energetic, but can come with a few short-term effects. The bigger concerns over crack use are the long term effects. The severity of these effects directly relates to how much and how often a person uses crack, in addition to individual body chemistry and any pre-existing conditions.


Long Term Effects of Crack on the Body

  • Continual smoke inhalation can lead to cancer of the lungs, throat, or mouth, and respiratory diseases.
  • Burns and blisters on a person’s mouth, lips, or fingers can result from smoking a crack pipe.
  • Because smoking Crack restricts oxygen flow to the lungs, this can lead to scarring in the lungs, trouble breathing, chronic cough, and pain.
  • Do you know what you’re smoking? Crack is rarely smoked in its pure form, so any type of substance could have been added. Chance of toxic poisoning is high.
  • Long term cardiovascular complications (heart disease, heart attack, stroke) can arise from the continually elevated heart rate and blood pressure that comes with crack use.
  • Crack addicts have a compulsive habit of scratching and picking … which leads to permanent scars.
  • Infants born to crack-smoking mothers may also have significant developmental and cognitive deficiencies in their lives.


Long Term Effects of Crack on the Mind

  • Like most opiates, Crack can distort the dopamine system of the brain, which is related to a person’s mood. Permanent damage to the brain can result in depression, anxiety, paranoia, and psychosis.
  • Withdrawing from crack cocaine can also trigger psychotic, violent, or desperation tactics to get more crack.
  • Hallucinations and other psychotic conditions.
  • Problems with relationships, school/career, or the law could become serious, lifelong issues.

A crack addiction can cause damage to a person in so many areas of their life. The chance for risky behaviors increases with an addict’s desperation to dose, and can cause accidents, injuries, or the contraction of diseases. Treatment Now is here to help you overcome your addiction and cravings. You aren’t alone.

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