That your doctor might be abusing drugs, and may actually be high while treating you is not a pleasant thought. However, this is a sad reality and doctors actually take to abusing drugs in greater numbers than the rest of the population does. A stressful job and easy availability of drugs are prime reasons. Timely detection and enrollment in appropriate health programs for de-addiction can treat doctors of their addiction.


Doctors addicted to drugs


Doctors have to work shifts and odd hours. Household responsibilities, peer pressure, and education loans too contribute to medical practitioners succumbing to drugs. Surgeons and E.R specialists who have to take crucial decisions on the spot are more vulnerable and often fall prey to drug abuse. The addiction usually begins with small doses taken for stress relief.

Doctors are more likely to be addicted to prescription drugs because these are easily available. Perhaps unsurprisingly, anesthesiologists, with access to sedatives, have a very high rate of drug abuse among medical professionals.

Doctors battling drug addiction are not only hurting their own mental and physical wellbeing but also putting at risk the wellbeing and lives of the patients they treat. Drugs affect decision-making abilities. A doctor who abuses drugs to satisfy a craving is not in a position to make a rational decision when treating a patient. If the doctor does not take drugs to control the withdrawal, the resulting symptoms such as tremors and anxiety can easily lead to an incorrect decision. In the operation theater, it can lead to serious consequences for the patient.

Doctors in the grips of a drug addiction can get treatment for the condition. While physician health programs are not difficult to find, it is often difficult for a doctor to come to terms with the fact that he is indeed an addict and that he needs help. The stigma attached with drug addiction and the dread of not being able to continue in the vocation stops many physicians from taking help. Physician health programs are a way out; such programs, meant exclusively for doctors, can be found in many states. They treat physicians for addiction and restore to them their right to treat people. These programs are customized for the needs of addicts that come from within the medical profession. They fulfill a vital function in society. Doctors are a valuable asset of society. A healthy doctor working to the best of his capabilities benefits patients and society at large.


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