Ever wonder why people do drugs or how they bring people pleasure? You may have heard the term high, but what really happens to the body when a person is high? Drugs give people pleasure by releasing dopamine in the brain, which sends feelings of pleasure to the body. It takes more and more drugs to release dopamine over time, and his is why people become dependent and addicted to certain drugs.


What Is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a chemical that is naturally released and signals the brain to feel pleasure. Drugs increase the amount of dopamine released by the body and, therefore, the amount of pleasure that is felt. The more drugs that are taken, the more dopamine that is released and the bigger the euphoric experience or the high.


Why Are Drugs Dangerous?

While drug users take drugs for the high, the pleasure part of the brain is not the only part of the body that is affected by drug use. Over time drugs can affect many areas of the brain and change the user’s way of thinking and their personality. It can even cause some parts of the brain to quit functioning. This results in messed up emotions, unorganized thoughts, speech and motor skills problems and feelings of depression, anxiety and paranoia. Drugs can completely change a person over time.


Can Damage Caused By Drugs Be Reversed?

If a user continues to take drugs, they could permanently harm their body. If they seek help in time and stop using drugs safely some of the effects of drugs may be reversible. The brain can heal and begin to function properly again after drug use. Detox can remove a drug from a person’s body. Once the drug is out of the system, the body can heal and learn how to operate without that drug again.


How Are Drug Addicts Treated?

The best way for a person to recover from a drug addiction is to attend a rehabilitation clinic and receive addiction treatment. Different types of addiction require different types of treatment. Almost all drug addictions are treated with detox first. Some addicts may be given medicine to help make detox easier and most treatment programs offer counseling and therapy that will prevent a user from relapsing and using drugs again one they leave the facility.


Choosing The Right Rehabilitation Program

If you or someone you love has a drug addiction, Treatment Now can help. When it comes time to choose the right rehabilitation program, you need consider your wants and needs and find a facility that can meet both. Treatment Now has a variety of treatment options and many amenities and options. No matter what type of addiction you are dealing with, Treatment Now can help you. If you are ready to get help for your addiction or simply have questions about addiction and recovery, call Treatment Now today.


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