For people struggling with addiction, rehabilitation is commonly thought of as an essential treatment in order to recover. Sometimes, recovering addicts who have gone through treatment end up relapsing, but studies have shown treatment has a proven track record of helping rather than hurting. It’s always a good idea to seek professional treatment for an addiction.


There are many different types of treatment techniques out there, so doing research before choosing a rehab facility is highly recommended. Keep in mind not every rehab is best for every addict, and be sure to plan for post treatment, too.


Firstly, there is the choice between holistic or faith-based programs. Those who are religious or can find comfort in the belief of a higher being may prefer a faith-based rehab facility. These programs will focus on overcoming addiction as well as strengthening the patient’s relationship with God. On the other hand, holistic programs do not focus on religious beliefs, they are intended to treat the entire mind, body, and spirit rather than only one specific part of the body. While faith-based facilities may also teach spiritual principles, they view the addict’s relationship with God as an important aspect of healing, and secular facilities do not.


Another common technique to substance addiction treatment is the 12 step approach. This includes attending Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and following their curriculum to successfully achieve sobriety. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse stated individuals who dropped out of treatment programs, but continued attending 12 step programs (at least once per week) and had counseling sessions (five times per week) had a continued sobriety rate of 74%. This is an important piece of information, as those individuals were able to maintain their sobriety without completing addiction programs. This doesn’t mean, however, that rehab programs are ineffective. Not everyone will succeed by simply attending meetings and counseling sessions.


For some, rehab is a necessity to achieving and maintaining sobriety. There will never be a way to see into the future to determine whether someone will relapse. The reality is, many recovering addicts slip up and make a mistake, and no one is perfect. However, attending rehab will help make the person stronger in case something like this occurs in the future. Certainly, the attendee must be committed to achieving sobriety.


Without motivation, becoming sober will be even more of a challenge.
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