Heroin is a “in vogue” drug at this current moment. The popular kids are doing it in their own bedrooms.  It has found footing in the high school and college crowd. It’s availability is shocking.

Heroin used to be thought of as a drug that rock stars spun out on. It wasn’t in the neighbor or really available in a true sense. We heard about it. Now kids are doing it–a lot. Heroin, however, can’t just be a “party drug”. It has more of an edge than that–more of a real danger.

They do it for a kick. They do it because John and Julie are doing it. They do it because rock stars do it. They do it because someone’s selling it and they have money to buy it. They do it because it makes them stop feeling anything that matters. It makes the world go away.


No one wants to become a heroin addict. The first time they try it, it’s not because they’re interested in habitually spending all their money on a drug that is destroying their life–causing them pain when they can’t get it. What first timers don’t think about is the fact that heroin is a highly addictive drug. It becomes a habit that is necessity.

Someone who’s “drug sick” is coming off of heroin. This is an unbearably painful physical state that causes extreme stomach cramping and nausea, among other awful symptoms. The user must use heroin in order to feel better–to experience an altered state of conscious during which the person is in and out of alertness. He/she often doesn’t make sense when speaking. It is said to induce an unbelievable state of euphoria that causes one to become completely introverted.

Once a user becomes addicted, he/she changes. Appearance may be neglected. Long sleeves may be worn to hide track marks. The addict will become withdrawn and less and less responsive. Often, addicts are driven to the point of pawning belongings or stealing in order to support the habit. If something isn’t done to intervene at this point, the battle could very well be lost.



It gets harder and harder to reach that state of euphoria that heroin is known and loved for. The reaction of users is to try and try to get there again. That means using more of the drug. Using more of the drug is like walking a tightrope. You may cheat death several times, but death will eventually win.

Heroin can cause you to forget about breathing. That’s one way it can kill you. You just become so incredibly relaxed that your body doesn’t remember to take in oxygen. Heroin can cause pulmonary edema which makes your heart unable to pump blood throughout your body. Arrhythmia–or irregularities in your heart’s rhythm can occur as well after ingesting too much heroin. This can stop the blood flow to the brain and other organs. Sometimes kidney failure causes death.

Remember these ways to die when you consider whether or not to try heroin. No one knows for sure how much is too much.


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