Holidays present a difficult challenge for recovered alcoholics, especially those who have recently overcome their alcohol addiction. The reasons are not difficult to understand. Holidays mean revelry and relaxation, and for many this means an excuse to drink. Memories of past holidays where the wine flowed freely can trigger a desire to drink once more. Sometimes, the holiday season can be mentally draining and distressing. This happens in families where relationships are strained and behaviors dysfunctional. This, too, can cause a person to take to drink.

Holiday sobriety guide for recovering alcoholics

If family members engage in drinking, it becomes difficult for a sober alcoholic to say no to drinks. It requires willpower and self discipline to deny oneself even one drink, especially when friends and family good-naturedly force you to join the fun. Sometimes, in a family of alcoholics, a sober individual can unwittingly cause tensions in the family dynamic because his behavior does not conform with that of the other family members. High-functioning alcoholics, who are trying to avoid drinks, are particularly vulnerable because people often do not understand the magnitude of their problem with drinks.

During the holiday season even people who avoid drinks during the rest of the year will drink. While it is relatively easier to maintain sobriety during the rest of the year, the holiday season is challenging because during this time even people who normally say no to drinks are not averse to a drink or two, and seeing them it becomes difficult for a sobered addict to refrain from drinking.

Singles, divorced or individuals facing issues in families find the contrast between their situation and the world in general becoming starker during the holiday season. The air of festivity and cheer can accentuate the feelings of negativity that they may otherwise not experience. It can drive them to seek solace in drink. One way to stay positive during such times is to tell oneself that no relationship is perfect and media depictions of happy families are rarely replicated in the real world. It is very important to remember that drink is not the way to lift your spirits. Alcohol can never be a substitute for love and support of friends and family.

Here are useful tips to negotiating the holiday season without succumbing to the urge to drink –

  • In a party or event, steer clear of the bar. If you feel the urge to drink getting stronger, leave the venue.
  • If possible, stay with another sober alcoholic during the event. Support each other.
  • Phone a trusted friend who offers you positivity and hope, and talk to him.
  • Drink juices or mocktails, keeping a glass of drink in your hand will deter people from approaching you with an alcoholic beverage.
  • If friends try to coax you to have a drink, be ready with reasons as to why you’re not drinking. Excuses can include doctor’s advice, that you’re driving home, or the truth that you’re trying to give up drinking.
  • Limit the number of parties and events that you will be attending.
  • Engage in activities that will keep you away from drink. These include volunteering at charities, learning martial arts, attending yoga classes, etc.

You are entitled to the sobriety that you desire. Sometimes, it’s not easy to reclaim alone the old life when alcohol did not have such a grip on you. We understand this, and can help you connect with the ideal alcohol rehabilitation clinic for you.

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