The word “holistic” may seem a little off-putting to some, as it can have a stigma associated with it. This is likely due to a collective misunderstanding of the concept, which can be eradicated by learning about what holistic treatment is really all about. With the rise in medical marijuana discussions, holistic treatments are becoming more and more prevalent. So, how does this incorporate into rehab centers?

A Holistic approach to rehab: making yourself whole again

First, understanding addiction will help us understand what type of treatment can be effective. Addiction is a complicated illness which can include a combination of biological, emotional, social, and spiritual roots. That said, addiction affects our entire being. In order to truly recover from an addiction, one must complete more than simply a physical detox of the substance. Holistic rehab programs focus on the entire spectrum of the addiction by treating every single need of the addict.

Many doctors and treatment centers are quick to provide medication rather than actual treatment for those suffering from addiction. This rarely works—as the root cause of the addiction is never identified and addressed. Holistic rehab centers will uncover this cause of the addiction, as well as help patients develop skills needed to handle the world’s challenges while staying sober after treatment.

During holistic treatment, the following areas may be addressed:


Drug and alcohol addiction have the tendency to suppress emotions, so after detoxing and becoming sober they return—and sometimes with a vengeance. Recovering addicts may have a tough time dealing with feelings they haven’t experienced since before their addiction. Facing these emotions head on can be difficult when the normal reaction would be to self-medicate, or use. Learning how to cope with guilt will be one of the main topics of emotional recovery.


Similar to emotional, mental recovery will consist of learning ways to deal with anger, stress, fear, and remorse on a daily basis. This can be done in many ways, but talking with others in recovery and sharing challenges is a good way to let off some steam.


Focusing on keeping the body healthy by eating right and getting enough sleep will be an important part of physical recovery.


Especially in holistic rehabs, spiritual recovery will be a big focus. Many treatment programs will include daily meditation or perhaps prayer.


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