Cocaine is a dangerous street drug that is highly addictive and can cause numerous physical and psychological problems. It is a stimulant that is taken for the high it creates. Cocaine users can become addicted to the drug after only using it a couple of times. It is not safe to use any amount of cocaine and if you are using this drug but are ready to stop and need help, you should consider attending a rehabilitation center for help.


How Does Cocaine Affect The Body?


Cocaine can be taken in several ways. It may be swallowed, snorted, smoked or injected. Once taken it enters the bloodstream and begins to interfere with the reactions of the brain. It triggers a release of dopamine in the brain that creates a feeling of euphoria. This feeling may only last for a few minutes but cocaine can stay in the body for several days. The feelings brought on by the use of cocaine are strong but short and this motivates many users to continue to chase that high several times a day. The more a person uses cocaine, the more they need to use. The body builds of a tolerance for the drug and the user becomes addicted to it fairly quickly.


What Are The Dangers Of Cocaine Use?


Cocaine can cause a variety of health problems. Brain and organ damage are common as is damage to the nervous system. People who smoke cocaine are likely to develop lung infections and disease. User who inject cocaine into their bodies may develop blood poisoning, STDs and skin infections. Those who snort it may experience nasal and sinus problems. Cocaine can also cause organs to shut down and can low inhibition, putting the user in dangerous situations.


Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine can be very addictive, and it can be hard to overcome the addiction. Someone who is addicted to cocaine stands the best chance of beating their addiction by attending a rehabilitation program. These programs treat cocaine addiction with detox, medication, counseling and support programs. The user is taught to avoid certain triggers and can learn how to deal with cravings. Cocaine addiction may be a serious problem, but it can be treated and addicts can recover.


Finding Help

If you have a cocaine addiction or know someone who is suffering from one, Treatment Now can help. Treatment Now is a drug addiction rehabilitation center that offers a variety of different treatment options to treat cocaine addiction and other types of drug and alcohol addiction. If you need helping overcoming your cocaine addiction and want to get your life back on track, call Treatment Now today.                                                                                                                                                            Cocaine addiction is a nasty thing, but there is help available. Don’t let a drug control your life, get help today.

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