The face of heroin addiction is changing.

When use of the drug first became prevalent fifty years ago, the average user had started at age sixteen, was poor, and lived in urban areas. Today, the average user doesn’t get started until about twenty-three, is considered wealthy, and lives in suburban neighborhoods.

In the past, heroin was often the first opiate a person ever experimented with. Today’s users start their addiction thanks to the easy availability of prescription painkillers. Sadly, the early scripts are written because of a legitimate medical condition which requires the pain medication, but then follow up isn’t done to ensure the meds aren’t being abused.

A growing problem for opiate addicts is the increasing cost of prescription drugs while at the same time, they’re becoming harder to procure thanks to new legislation from both the state and federal levels. States are developing drug monitoring programs which are aimed at doctors who over-prescribe and the patients who like to try and trick doctors into giving them more than they need.

Legislation makers aren’t the only ones fighting, however. Drug companies have joined in the fight against painkiller abuse. OxyContin is one of the most abused prescription meds out there, and was recently reformulated by scientists to make abusing it more difficult.

So what are the addicts doing now that they can’t get their easy fixes? They’re turning to heroin. It’s cheaper than monitored prescriptions, which is a plus to addicts since a bigger dose of heroin is needed than prescription drugs to get a high with an equal amount of mileage. The quality of heroin being turned out these days is also more pure now than batches of the past, making it possible for the drug to be snorted and/or smoked. Without the stigma of having to use intravenous injections to get high, abuse has risen.

Heroin addiction is not to be messed with. It’s dangerous, to the point of being deadly. If you or a loved one struggle with heroin or opiate addiction, please don’t wait. Call Treatment Now today.

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