Traditional therapy usually consists of medical detoxification, recovery, and group and individual therapy. Although the amount of time spent in the facility differs, and the location of the facilities aren’t the same, they have the same goals. They want to help addicted people recover in a safe and healthy environment that allows them to experience life in a positive way. Equine therapy has the same goal, it’s just presented in a different format.


Equine therapy, also known as equine-assisted psychotherapy, is part of animal-assisted therapy. It helps with psychological and emotional issues that traditional therapy has a hard time addressing and healing. The horses are able to create a trusting environment that fellow people just can’t provide for some recovering addicts.


This type of therapy creates higher levels of self esteem and increased coping ability. When used in addition to traditional methods of therapy and recovery, the addicted person can come out fully healed and satisfied.


Horses have the ability to sense and respond to other creature’s feelings. This provides many benefits to the recovering individual. If the addict is afraid, scared, sad, angry, or nervous, the horse is going to reflect that. This provides an insight into their true emotions, and can help them realize and find out why they are feeling the way they are feeling. Horses can also teach addicts how to interact with people, and they can allow the therapists to broach subjects otherwise closed off. The horses create a safe environment that can nurture interaction between the addict and the therapist, and they can help put the addict at ease.


Equine therapy can also build trust, and show the addict how to keep trust. For people who are not ready to interact in the group therapy circles that are offered at many usual treatment centres, equine therapy can help develop trust between horse and addict, setting the stage for trusting relationships later on. Equine therapy can also show and teach healthy relationships by having the addict interact with the horse, who cannot judge and will help rebuild confidence in the addict without fear of criticism.


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