Crack cocaine is a very powerful stimulant that is easy for you to overdose on once you start taking the drug. Depending on how long you are consuming, any amount can lead to an overdose.

Crack cocaine is a stronger form of cocaine that’s mixed with baking soda and smoked by users. Once crack is smoked, it enters the bloodstream and floods the brain with dopamine. The dopamine rush causes the high in the brain that lasts for twenty minutes. Once you smoke crack, the brain becomes used to the rush of dopamine in the brain and craves more of the drug. As you take more of the drug, your brain constantly craves crack and that increases your risk of addiction and  overdose. While there is no set amount of crack that can cause overdose, more than 5 grams of cocaine is a dangerous amount that can cause heart damage. Mixing crack with other drugs increase the likelihood of an overdose as well.

Physical symptoms of a crack overdose include fainting, slowed heart rate, vomiting, seizures, and even coma. If you overdose on crack, you should get to a hospital immediately. At the hospital , a doctor will try to restore your heart rate and breathing to normal levels. Your stomach may also be pumped if there are any other drugs in your system. Sedatives can be used to calm you down if you are having a psychotic episode and to de-escalate raised vital signs. IV’s and injections can be administered to cool down the body.

Once you are released from the hospital, you still face many health challenges after an overdose. Crack overdoses can cause heart, kidney, or lung infections. Chest pains and asthma can also develop after a crack overdose. If you’re pregnant while having a crack overdose, it can lead to a miscarriage of your fetus or dependence on crack once the baby is born. Other extreme repercussions of overdose include coma, paralysis, and even death.

If you want help after an overdose, there are ways to receive treatment. By checking into treatment, you can treat your crack addiction . You can physically detox from the toxicity of crack cocaine during treatment. In treatment, you can also get to the root causes of your addiction, from a genetic history of addiction to psychological issues that lead to your drug use.

A crack overdose is frightening, but can be treated- and more importantly, avoided. If you have any questions about crack cocaine and how much it takes to overdose, please contact the knowledgeable staff of Treatment Now at 08000 380480.