The path out of addiction is not an easy road to walk and requires as much support as you can find to be successful. Support comes in many forms and from many places but one of the most helpful resources you can find in your recovery journey is a really good sponsor.

What is a sponsor?

There are a thousand and one temptations and triggers out there waiting to pounce on you as soon as you walk through the doors of the treatment facility and head back out into the world. The real work of recovery comes after the treatment, when you take on the task of rearranging your life to avoid relapse and drug use. A sponsor is your mentor and confidant in this process, the person you turn to when things get tough and the temptation to relapse looms over your head.

A good sponsor is there for you when you need to call and have someone talk you down from a temptation to relapse. He or she coaches you on sobriety and helps you determine the proper course of action at key decision points in life.

Choosing a Sponsor

Sometimes your recovery clinic will have sponsors available and can even assign one to you as part of the ongoing recovery services. Other times it will be up to you to find someone to be in your corner for the next several months of new sobriety. Choosing someone to help you through this most crucial time is important and you want the right person for the job.

A good sponsor doesn’t have to be a friend but can become a friend throughout the process. This person should be someone you feel comfortable talking to and someone you feel you can relate to on some level. They often have experience with addiction and recovery personally so they know what you’re going through. You don’t want a sponsor that you don’t trust because you will be relying on this person to advise you during the toughest times so you should see something of yourself in them and look up to them with respect.

It’s usually not a good idea to choose a sponsor who is a close family member. Your family will serve their own important purpose in guiding you through your recovery and the sponsor serves a more outside role.

A sponsor overall is your primary champion and guide and you can often find a good one by asking other recovering addicts for suggestions. Cherish and develop this relationship over time and it will continue to reward you for years to come.

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