Enrolling in rehab can only begin after one has embraced the power of hope. It is easy to lose heart when attempting to help a loved one or oneself out ot the grip of addiction. When one decides to see the reality of the success of many others who have preceded in full and permanent recover, it is self evident that one can do the same for him or herself. Successful recovery begins with a choice; the choice to believe it is possible. Take hope in this possibility for your personal situation or that of someone who you care about. The number of addicts who have entered rehab and succeeded are almost countless. There have been, and continue to be, tremendous amounts of cases where it would appear there is no hope for those entering rehab, but recovery has been achieved despite of the odds.


Once one understands the power of hope and assumes a hopeful state of mind, the next antecedent of drug rehabilitation enrollment is gaining an understanding of the heavy influence which addiction has on its victim. Acknowledging that the repeated use of drugs and alcohol by the suffering addict is not necessarily completely voluntary is also crucial. The characteristic nature of addiction is that of being made into a slave of the substance or activity which one is addicted to. Addicts commonly try to stop using because they are aware of the terrible consequences of addiction, yet they continually resort back to their old patterns of substance abuse. This is because of the controlling effect of drugs on the brain and body.


These two understandings will bring one to a ready mental state to enroll in rehab. Additionally, it is extremely important to realize, and even admit, addiction is the sole responsibility of the one who has it, whether this be your loved one, or yourself. As much as one may feel the responsibility rests on someone else, actions are owned by the one who commits them. The fact of influence over actions does not remove the ownership of those actions from the one committing them. It is perfectly reasonable to ask for and receive help, or to provide help for addiction. It is not reasonable to blame anyone or anything else for the addiction.


From this point, it is going to be necessary to stage an intervention for your loved. Before you do so, however, please seek the counsel of a trained intervention professional. The professional will ensure you execute an effective plan which is absolutely key to the success of the intervention on persuading your loved one to enter rehab. There is no guarantee an intervention will work, but some key components to promote its success is the quality of the attitude of the group involved: whether or not they are people who respect the addict and who the addict also respects, whether or not the group understands and is willing to operate according to the set plan put forth by the hired professional, and the timing of the intervention. It is advised to schedule it around the times in the adicts life which are most taxing to him or her. For example, during a significant loss in his or her life which is directly a result of the addictive behavior.


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