Alcohol addiction is a serious problem for many people. Many people have a hard time admitting that they have alcohol addiction, but those who do realize they have a problem often seek professional help by attending a rehabilitation facility. Although there are many different treatment options available at rehab facilities and many qualified people around to help patients recover from their addictions, patients can still experience cravings. There are several ways alcohol cravings can be dealt with while in recovery.



It may seem impossible to resist the urge when it hits you, but you must train yourself to do it. Cravings will pass within time, and the longer you resist each craving, the shorter the next one will be. Counting is a great way to not only distract yourself from the craving but to keep track of how long each one lasts.



There may be several things that trigger your cravings, and it is best to avoid them. If a beer commercial makes you want to drink, avoid watching television. If the taste of mouthwash reminds you of your favorite liquor, switch brands or avoid using it during your recovery. You will need to learn to avoid these triggers even after recovery to avoid a relapse.



Sometimes talking about your cravings can help you deal with them. There are many counselors and staff members at a rehab facility who will be happy to discuss your cravings with you. You may even want to talk to another patient and share your favorite strategies for dealing with your cravings.



One of the best ways to fight and even avoid your cravings is to find something to keep you busy and distracted from them. When your mind is occupied, you are much less likely to think about alcohol or give into the cravings. Hobbies such as reading, drawing, scrapbooking or competing puzzles are all great distractions.



If you are craving alcohol and need something to drink, try substituting it for something else. You may want to drink a glass of water, juice or soda instead. Anytime you are craving alcohol, find something that you like to drink and drink it instead. You may also want to try eating a piece of candy or a favorite snack.


Admitting that you have an alcohol problem is the first step toward recovery. Once you have admitted that you are addicted to alcohol you can begin to attend rehab and get help for your addiction. Rehab and recovery can be difficult, and you may face many struggles and setbacks, and one of the biggest may be facing your cravings. If you keep your goal in site and learn how to fight and handle your alcohol cravings, your recovery will be faster, and you will overcome your addiction much quicker.

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