Parenting is hard enough with two parents in a functional home where both contribute equally to the work of raising children to independence and successfully integrating them into society. Drug addiction makes this work and process extraordinarily difficult as the addicted parent becomes less functional and less able to contribute their portion of the effort. The joys and challenges of parenting can quickly turn into a burden too large to bare for the one parent left on their own. When a single parent left alone to care for the kids is also struggling with addiction, things really get difficult, and despair easily follows.


The point here is not to highlight the hardships of being a single parent, but rather to recognize and acknowledge the urgency and delicacy with which an addicted parent needs help. The truth of the matter is that single parenthood has the tendency to place unprecedented amounts of stress on the parent. While not the case with everyone, this kind of stress can have the result of driving a person into substance abuse and addiction in order to cope.Whatever the cause or source of the addiction, the purpose of treatment is to guide you back to a state of health and wholeness that will allow you to return to your parental duties in a sustainable condition.


As hopeless as it may seem to be in this situation, there are lifelines out there that can offer help, treatment, and guidance. The most obvious hurdle that single parents seeking drug rehabilitation face is the question of who will care for their children when they check themselves into a rehab facility. The good news is that there are several options out there to address this very real obstacle. The first of which is a residential program which offers single parents the ability to bring up to two children with them during their stay at the facility. These type of programs are generally offered only to single mothers or mothers who are pregnant, but it is something to be aware of when considering going through rehab.


Another option is the 12-step detox program offered by outpatient rehab facilities. Many facilities will offer non-residential programs that include accountability and coaching as an alternative to an inpatient program. Additionally, some facilities offer parent coaching which aims to help a single parent restore a potentially damaged relationship with his or her child. Children often undergo emotional and physical neglect, or even abuse, as a result of a parent’s addiction. Parental coaching can be a way of re-establishing trust and affection in the parent-child relationship.


Lastly, it is important for any recovering addict, and especially one who is a single parent, to seriously consider an aftercare plan which helps avoid relapse. Many rehab facilities will offer this program to single parents at home to ease the transition and support the patient’s reintegration into the home.

Parenthood is a strong motivator for turning your life around when dealing with a serious addiction and Treatment Now offers a variety of addiction counseling and support services for those in need.

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