When looking into treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction, the cost factor is often an important one to consider for most families. There is often a concern that your health insurance provider won’t cover the treatment and the cost will be out of pocket. Fortunately most health insurance companies cover at least some portion of drug treatment and United Healthcare is one of them.

United Healthcare is the most widely used health insurance provider, they’ve been around since 1977. Their base policies cover, at a minimum, drug screening and detoxification procedures. Some policies will go on to cover extended inpatient stays in a rehabilitation facility but you’ll have to ask your insurance agent for clarification on this part of the treatment coverage.

Why United Healthcare Covers Detox

While the entire inpatient treatment program may not always be covered by United Healthcare policies, they understand that drug detox is essential for getting away from substance abuse and serves as a critical starting point for any successful recovery. For this reason, even on the most basic health insurance plans, this initial detox is covered and insured.

If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction and are looking for a way out, the medical staff here at Treatment Now can help you get a handle on your addiction, starting with a full detox. The drug detox will last a few days while the drugs are flushed out of your system. This allows your body to begin the process of healing the damage that consistent drug abuse has caused in the bloodstream, muscles, and vital organs.

When you’re suffering, you don’t want to worry about how you’re going to pay for your medical care. That’s why healthcare insurance providers like United Healthcare are happy to cover this detox process on almost all their plans.

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