Detox is the process your body goes through once you stop taking drugs or alcohol. It’s your body’s way of getting rid of all that poison you’ve been putting into it. Detox can be difficult, and when heroin is involved, it can even be a dangerous process.

However, many people are reluctant to go into a facility for medical detox. They may not be able to afford an overnight stay, or they may not be able to spare the time away from their families. These clients sometimes choose to detox at home on their own—and this is not safe.

However, for those who need detox from heroin but cannot stay in a facility, there is an option. Outpatient detox from heroin is a safe and healthy solution for getting you on the road to long-term recovery.

Some of the benefits of outpatient detox include:

    • You’re not alone. “Outpatient” doesn’t mean “on your own.” An outpatient detox program provides the support, help, and medical supervision you need to help your body start on the path to health.
    • Medical assistance and supervision. Outpatient detox includes medication to help you get through the most uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Medication is administered by a physician and taken under the physician’s care. If you need medication when you’re away from the treatment center—for example, when you’re at home or at work or school—the physician will give you what you need for that one day. Your vital signs and overall health will be monitored while you detox, to make sure you aren’t experiencing some of the more dangerous symptoms of withdrawal.


  • Non-residential. One of the most appealing outpatient detox advantages is not having to go to a hospital or residential treatment center to detoxify your body. Many people want to get clean, but they simply can’t afford to miss work or school, or to be away from family members. With outpatient detox, you can maintain your life, but still begin your recovery process by detoxing as an outpatient. You can sleep in your own bed and live in your own home, surrounded by your loved ones.
  • Lower cost. Because it’s non-residential, there are no room-and-board costs associated with outpatient detox. This is why many insurance plans cover an outpatient program, where they might not cover an inpatient one. You also don’t have to lose income by missing work.
  • Privacy. It’s nobody’s business if you are seeking help for an addiction and spending your time detoxing. With an inpatient program, someone would have to know why you were suddenly gone, but with an outpatient program, it’s your time, so it’s your business.
  • Help finding a program. Of course, detox is only the first step to recovery and a life of wellness and health. The staff at an outpatient center can help you take the next step—finding a suitable drug treatment program to help you keep the clean body, mind, and life you achieved in detox.


It is only safe to detox from heroin at home if you have medical supervision and support. But if you do, detoxing from heroin at home can be an option. If you need help finding an addiction treatment plan that will allow you to detox at home, there are resources available to help. The staff at Treatment Now can answer questions and provide guidance 24/7.  Just call us at 844-438-8689