While a desire to improve our health, relationships, and overall lifestyle is no doubt an important motivator for trying to rid ourselves of addictions, the desire to leave behind a positive legacy is also a driving force. It is an instinct with humans, the thought that we should be remembered fondly and our good deeds recalled. Our legacy is much more than the financial security that we leave behind for our kids. This too, though, is a consideration for addicts with dependents. Addictions affect our abilities to fully utilize our faculties, societal acceptance becomes difficult, getting a job is no longer easy, and even if you land one then sticking with it requires a lot of effort.

The legacy you leave behind


Our legacy extends beyond what we leave behind for our children. The values we inculcate in them will stay with them for their lives; these, too, are our legacy. These values define their interaction with society, their contributions to society, and their usefulness as citizens. Even when we are no longer present physically, we live through the thoughts, speech, and actions of our children. Not everyone can leave behind a legacy like the one a poet, reformer, writer, scientist, or sportsperson leaves behind. But it is our duty to be the best we can.

With respect to those struggling with addiction, the first step to working toward building a legacy is to regain their health. It involves taking a good hard look at your lifestyle and state of health. You have to ponder on where you’re headed and what it means for your family? Our time on earth is finite and in order to make the best use of it, we need to be healthy. Accidents happen, regardless of whether you’re an addict or not. Sickness can lay you low and stop you from achieving all that you dream of. What this means is that the best time to do the right thing is now. Procrastination can lead to regrets, for you, and if you’re no longer around, then for your loved ones.

Getting back to a healthy life and leading a life that can serve as an example for your children should be a priority for you. Reformed addicts are role models for other addicts, and this is a huge aspect of their legacy. They help others find meaning in their lives. They offer hope. The chance to give up addiction and rebuild your life is an opportunity to let go of the guilt and trauma of the past and accept claim your rightful place in society.

You may not have absolute control on the time you have left on Earth, but what you make of that time is almost entirely in your hands. Legacy building takes time. It involves fulfilling our duties to family and society at large. The memory you leave behind depends entirely on how you choose to live now.


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