As the fog begins to clear, coming out of active addiction can be eye-opening in many ways. The picture offered usually isn’t very pretty, though. In chasing chemical highs to avoid emotional lows, things around you have likely crumbled in your neglect of them. Especially your finances.

Now that you aren’t trying to funnel every penny you have—or don’t have—into your addictive habit, you’ll need to take action. Beginning with assessing how deep in debt you’ve dug yourself. If your job survived your run-in with addiction, then count yourself lucky. Many addicts have to start over, sometimes working multiple jobs to make all the ends meet. Others suddenly find themselves with more money than they’re used to having.

The key is to find a balance which affords occasional “rewards” for progress well done, without replacing a chemical addiction with a material ‘spending’ one.


Here are some tips on managing future funds:

Create a budget and set goals (minor and major). Track ALL expenditures so you can see where your money is going.

Avoid eating out. Buying groceries and cooking for yourself is not only cheaper, but healthier. This also keeps you away from the temptation of ordering from the bar if you’re a recovering alcoholic.

Cut out, or at least reduce, expensive activities. Consider this next phase in your life as one of reimbursement to yourself. You already played, now it’s time to pay. Golf club memberships, fancy coffee dates, weekly movies, et cetera are “luxuries” you can’t afford right now.

All work and no play makes for a grouchy recovering addict. It is okay to allow small rewards to yourself when a goal is reached. Maybe you paid off a credit card, or even better, all of them get caught up. Perhaps you hit a sobriety goal. Even something as simple as acknowledging you got out for some fresh air on an evening walk every night for a week. Celebrate the small things and you’ll have a greater appreciation for the big ones.

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