Substance abuse problems can truly bring out the worst qualities of addicts. The worst case scenario involves the addict’s complete abandonment of all responsibilities and duties. Everything takes a backseat to getting high. Sometimes breaking through the addiction cycle can happen when an addict discovers feelings of love and devotion for another living being. Sometimes a healthy relationship with another human being does the trick, but, oftentimes, an addict’s previous relationships with other people have been dysfunctional. This makes it difficult to open up and trust again if the opportunity presents itself. People become gun shy after being hurt in the past.

When human bonds are too challenging to form, pets can fill the void in an addict’s emotional life. The dynamic of a human/human relationship is completely different than a human/animal friendship. It’s fairly easy to put up a wall to keep out emotional involvement with other humans. It’s much more difficult to deny an animal of love and attention.

Love; No Matter What

A pet’s love is sincerely unconditional. Fido becomes so devoted to his owner that he loves him even when he falls off the wagon or screws up. Animals don’t judge. That means so much to the fragile ego of a recovering addict. Nothing can improve a person’s outlook on life the way that being loved unconditionally can. A pet can provide that kind of limitless love and affection.

Pets rely on their owners for every facet of care and for someone who’s in the process of rehabilitation, being needed is a wonderfully healing experience. The act of caring for others can be very effective medicine for the soul.  Just knowing that another precious living thing is depending on you for every essential thing can be inspiration to get out of bed on a rough day. Your pet can be the silver lining to a cloudy sky. Every time you leave, he will be sad to see you go. Every time you come back home, you will be welcomed by your little friend with affection and joy. That will become a reassuring part of your everyday recovery process.

Pets are a Constant Comfort

Whether you choose to adopt a cat, a dog, a pig, or a parrott, your unique pet will be a source of daily support and affirmation. They never ask more of you than you can give. Animals are so appreciative of your love and attention. Having a deep connection with your special pet is good for the human spirit. Your furred or feathered friend will help you return to clean and sober living by sticking with you through thick and thin. Your pet will love you even on your worst of all possible days. When the anxiety and stress of recovery start to weigh you down, spending some quality time giving your pet affection will work miracles to sooth your mind and body.


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