Our adolescent program is specifically created toward helping adolescents dealing with the beginning stages of addiction. This is often the point when children are introduced to drugs and alcohol by their peers, often feeling pressured. Unlike the adult programs we offer, this program is very close to the onset or origin of those addictive behaviors.

Therapy and detox are essential here, removing all outside peer influence to help children understand the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Adolescents are integrated into a supportive and nurturing environment with others they can often relate to. When surrounded by like-minded individuals that want a life free of drugs and alcohol, we begin to think and feel differently. This is where success begins.

Why Our Programs Are Unique:

Our programs are unique because we focus on allowing children to learn about themselves, discovering their personalities and understanding their dependencies on substances. Our physicians and mental health professionals work with each child to understand their experiences and help them to discover who they are at the core.

Addiction is often the replacement of expression. Individuals feel blocked from expressing a particular emotion so turn to using addictive substances because they act as a form of therapy. Our job at Treatment Now is to identify and pinpoint these particular emotions and causes behind them. Once we get to the core of the cause for substance abuse, it takes therapeutic support to work through it.

How We Work Through Adolescent Therapy:

The addictive substance can then be replaced with expression and talking through these emotional blocks. We aim to move through therapy toward recovery and find new ways for the adolescents to express themselves. This working therapy cycle is supported by group activities that incorporate peer activities like sports and games.

After one-on-one sessions, the interaction between peers is an exercise in communication all by itself. Children need to be reminded of what it feels like to enjoy their lives and work through traumas by keying into the things they love and make them happy. Leading into this integrative therapy, we surround adolescents within a safe and supportive environment where they can feel free to talk and act through any feelings they wish to share.

Integrating Family Support

Not only do we work through therapeutic steps to uncover the core of addiction behaviors with adolescents, but we work to integrate family support as well. Each child has a support system in training to help them achieve their goal of staying on track and getting back to the things that can help them to succeed in life.

Family is a large part of the recovery process for anyone going through alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation. We know that substance addiction has physical, emotional and psychological components; the family contribution to working recovery can change the adolescent perspective. A healthy family environment can mean success of therapy begun at the treatment center.

Working with the family to adopt communication processes can make all the difference in the world. Families may not realize the critical part they play within their child’s life. At Treatment Now, we offer packets of information and in person therapy for families to ready themselves for their child’s return home.

Sustaining therapy while maintaining a normal, working, living situation can be difficult without the right tools. By working first with the child, we find what we need to provide families with to ensure the success and recovery of their child. A healthy and positive lifestyle is the key to non-dependency on substances; instead we use the support of parents and siblings to replace dependency on harmful substances and lifestyles.

What Comes After

Now that you have the tools you need to integrate family involvement in adolescent recovery, now it’s time to put it all into practice. We offer a triage-like preparatory system of action if a relapse were to occur after in house substance abuse treatment. At Treatment Now, we prepare you for any situation that can lead you or your child off their path to a drug-free and independent lifestyle.

The support system (family) for the adolescent will learn all about the triggers, behaviors and tendencies of the child to turn toward drugs and alcohol. When we know what these triggers are, we can continue working the steps to recovery. We can continue to cultivate a healthier understanding of our emotions and why we feel dependent on these substances. We prepare you for a rewarding and beneficial lifestyle that continues throughout life with the best support system, offering long lasting relationships for years to come.