IOP offers support and services multiple days a week for a number of hours at a time. However, individuals also find at this stage they have more freedom to care for their families and even resume employment while participating in this treatment.

What is IOP?

IOP is a treatment program that typically involves approximately 10 hours a week of treatment and services. Individuals in this program usually meet three nights or three mornings each week for around three hours at a time. Therapy typically takes place in a group setting most of the time, although individual counseling may still be available once or twice a week. The primary purpose of IOP is to teach and reinforce important recovery skills that keep patients on the right track of sobriety and prevent a potential relapse.

Who is an IOP for?

An IOP may be the right treatment option for the following:

  • Individuals that have successfully completed a PHP and are ready for the next phase of treatment
  • Individuals that are living independently but still need more support than a weekly meeting
  • People that are still working through many of the issues that hinder the early recovery process
  • Those that need additional support as they work on integrating back into their daily lives