Outpatient treatment is also a natural progression for individuals that have successfully completed residential and intensive outpatient programs and are ready for greater autonomy in their recovery process. Outpatient treatment programs can vary considerably in terms of the time commitment and the services offered, which means you can find a program that will work well with your needs and daily schedule.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is typically offered a few days a week, for short periods of time. Services that might be offered in an outpatient program include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Educational programs
  • Support from peers and professionals
  • Family therapy and education

The primary purpose of outpatient treatment is to provide ongoing support to those that are well into their recovery process. It is not generally recommended as the treatment model of choice for patients that just completed detox, since these individuals typically need more structure and support in the early days of recovery.

Who is Outpatient Treatment for?

Outpatient treatment may be a good choice for the following:

  • People with less severe addictions
  • Those that have successfully completed more intense treatment programs
  • Individuals that cannot afford to put work or other responsibilities on hold
  • People that cannot afford the cost of inpatient treatment
  • Those looking for ongoing support throughout the recovery process

Choosing a treatment program can be challenging, with many options to choose from today. If you are unsure whether outpatient treatment is the right choice for you, or to learn more about these types of treatment programs, contact Treatment Now.