Most inpatients programs are designed to go 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the severity of the addiction, the preference of the patient and the cost of the program. Residential treatment is usually recommended for detoxification and for patients dealing with severe addictions or mental illness in addition to a substance abuse disorder.

Do you need Residential Inpatient Treatment?

Residential treatment can be an effective option for many struggling to overcome substance addiction. In addition to those with severe addiction or mental illnesses, residential programs may be recommended for individuals that have not seen success from outpatient programs. Some people may qualify for insurance coverage for at least a portion of their inpatient treatment, making the services more affordable.

Benefits of Residential Inpatient Treatment

There are a number of potential benefits to choosing a residential program for your addiction treatment:

  • A structured environment, free of distraction and temptation
  • Round-the-clock treatment and medical care
  • Support of others working their way through the treatment process
  • Ability to focus on your recovery without outside pressures or distractions
  • Multiple services and activities to cater to the individual patient