Once an addict has addressed their problem and sought out help, they have a lot of hard work to do. Addiction tends to have a huge impact on the person’s relationships, including family, loved ones, and professional co workers as well. Rehab will help teach ways to repair those broken relationships, but much of the work must be done by the recovering addict to truly make a difference.


Addiction causes people to do anything to obtain that high they’re constantly chasing. Unfortunately in many cases this leads to lying to the people we love the most. Often, those seeking rehab have hit rock bottom and have nowhere left to go, meaning those who had been helping them get by have put their foot down and cut them off. Many family members, friends, and loved ones end up enabling the addict by caring for them in some way, whether it’s financially supporting their addiction, or allowing them to live in their home while under the influence. Sometimes employers will be the ones to cut off the addict after giving them countless chances to make up for their behavior. No matter the type of relationship, it hurts to know the person has lost all trust.


One of the first things rehab will teach patients is rebuilding relationships will take time. The mending won’t happen overnight. Keep in mind, especially with family members and close friends, their trust in the relationship has likely been deteriorating for a long period of time. They’ll need time to process and rebuild trust slowly, as the addiction has had a major negative impact on their lives. Be patient with others and understand if they’re willing to work on the relationship, they’ll need to do it at their own pace. Don’t think simply quitting drugs and/or alcohol will be enough to rebuild relationships. Plan to work on patterns of thinking and living habits, as well as perspective on life as a whole.


The major concept of rebuilding relationships is quite simple—be trustworthy! It’s easier said than done, however. Usually the first step to bing trustworthy during recovery is to address past problems in relationships. This can include emotional, financial, and other issues brought on by the addiction. Take responsibility for things in the past, and make sure to continue being responsible by doing the right thing.


Ultimately, patience will be the number one idea to remember during recovery. Rebuilding trust in relationships will always take time and diligence. But don’t fret, those who are willing to forgive just need time and proof—which are easily attainable when one is committed to recovery.


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