Group counseling is helpful and healing. People can share experiences with others who have similar issues in a productive and structured setting. Group sessions involve a therapist working with people who have similar issues and wants to provide peer support. Benefits to group counseling are abundant. Patients can get interaction which helps them learn how to cope in different environments than they’ve experienced before. They can learn how to deal with their addiction while communicating with others who are at a similar place. Addicted people can share experiences with each other. This provides extremely helpful support, showing them that you are not alone. Sharing their lives with each other inspires confidence and self esteem, while reducing stress, guilt, and even pain that has grown with the addiction. The people in the group can help each other avoid destructive behaviors by practicing new healthy habits together. The therapist is able to supply structure while controlling the discussion and offering feedback to help the recovering addicts discover and understand themselves.


There are 6 main stages to group counseling.


In this stage, the addict has not yet admitted they have an addiction, and they do not think of their addiction as a problem. They have not yet self-evaluated. The group will begin to suggest and try to have the addict look inside themselves to determine if what they are doing is right.



The addict will begin to consider quitting. They will look at what they want for themselves and whether or not they have a problem. This is the stage of self-evaluation and realization.



The addict is still using in this stage, but they are preparing to stop. They understand the advantages to quitting, and they know they have a problem. Their strategy for rehabilitation is clearly planned out.



This is when the addict will decide on which plan to begin, and they will stop using. They have much motivation to quit and are committed.



For some people, this is the last stage. They have become clean, and they are remaining that way. This stage is indefinite, as it revolves around remaining clean and addiction free.



This is the stage in which some people relapse. They will then return to a previous stage and advance through again. If you reach this stage, you shouldn’t get discouraged. You will understand how to avoid relapsing again better, and you will have a deeper understanding of how important and rewarding being clean is.


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