College is an exciting and important time in our lives.  It’s a time when we learn what kind of career we’re interested in pursuing and we meet the people we’ll likely know for the rest of our lives, including potential spouses. There’s a lot of self-discovery that occurs during the college years. There’s also a lot of experimentation, including drug use, that occurs.  The reality of the modern campus is that drug use is more prevalent than ever.

The good news in this situation is that most college students aren’t dabbling in painkillers or opiates, mostly because those tire you out.  No the drug de jour for most academics these days are prescription stimulants like Adderall that power your focus and mental alertness through all night study sessions and early morning classes.  It’s all the rage to artificially stimulate one’s energy level and mental focus with these prescription pills.  It may seem harmless but abusing a narcotic agent without a doctor’s input is a risky gamble.

34% of today’s college students admit to using “study drugs” like Adderall without a prescription in order to alleviate the stress of exams and to power through their workdays. A vast majority (90%) say that using these drugs is “not dangerous” or only “a little dangerous.”  There is a misperception of these stimulants because the results of abuse don’t look like the worn-down, hollow-cheeked methamphetamine user.  However, the risks of drug abuse and addiction are still present.

College is a time of great opportunity, experimentation, and also stress.  There are any number of vices and temptations that await the unwary young American on the average campus but dabbling in prescription drug use for recreational or self-medicating purposes runs a very high risk for developing an addiction and also serves as a potential “gateway drug” to harder stimulants like cocaine in an effort to chase a stronger and stronger rush of adrenaline and mental energy.

An addiction to prescription pills can be treated with the right program and we encourage you to contact us at Treatment Now if you think you’ve developed a dependency on study drugs or any other medication.

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