Methadone is a drug that is used to treat heroin addiction. Methadone replaces heroin for the addict because it is less harmful. It is, basically, the lesser of two evils. Methadone was actually created to be used as a powerful painkiller like morphine or hydrocodone but was not effective in that capacity. It doesn’t actually relieve pain; it just keeps the body from sensing and registering pain. In essence, it is a numbing agent that does nothing to treat any underlying conditions that may be causing pain.

When methadone failed to be a money-maker as a painkiller, the drug companies decided to market it with a different purpose. In the 1960’s, methadone was heavily marketed as a substitute for heroin. It is not clear what benefit methadone has over heroin. Both substances are treacherously addictive. Methadone is so addictive that if the person using the drug goes one day without a dose, seriously debilitating side effects occur. Unfortunately, the drug companies were only interested in profit. Human health and safety were exchanged for the almighty dollar.

Hundreds of thousands of heroin addicts were prescribed methadone in the 60’s. The methadone was used as a painkiller for the agony of heroin withdrawal. In effect, one drug was replaced by another that was equally addictive and harmful. Consequently, the number of methadone addicts became staggering. The unfortunate victims of this marketing hoax became daily visitors at the methadone clinic–addicts for a lifetime.

If you were “saved” from heroin by taking up methadone use, you still have an addiction issue that is harmful to your health and very challenging to escape from. Methadone is not a “cure” for any health problem or addiction dilemma. It only creates further issues. The fine line between heroin and methadone has to do with the reputations of the two drugs. Heroin has an extremely negative connotation. If someone is using heroin, he/she has gone just about as far as possible with self destructive drug abuse. It’s “the hard stuff” and using it implies that you have reached the absolute rock bottom. It’s more socially taboo than waking up drunk in an alley.

Methadone has a different reputation. It has been made into a medication that “cures” heroin addiction. Methadone is the “good guy” in this comparison. A daily trip to the methadone clinic for a fix is classified as acceptable. Hooking up a daily dose of heroin is considered one of the darkest roads an individual can travel.

Triumphing over an addiction to heroin can only happen when substance abuse of any kind stops. Replacing one substance with a more respected one is not the way to win your fight against drug addiction. It just perpetuates the physical and emotional injuries that come from habitual substance abuse.  If you’re “treating” your addiction with methadone, you’re still living your life as an addict. You have just become more socially acceptable by giving your poison a different name. You can win the fight by seeking qualified medical help and entering a rehabilitation program that will lead you to a heroin AND methadone free life.


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