Maybe you’ve seen an internet meme for “crystal meth: not even once.” If you’re addicted to meth, however, you won’t see anything amusing about that meme. The initial euphoria that the drug may have given you has probably disappeared for good and now, without the drug, you can’t sleep or eat, you’re losing weight, you’re shaking and irritable, you’re developing violent habits, and your skin and teeth are showing signs of extreme damage. Treating and overcoming your meth addiction won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible if you treat your addiction with the best treatment options in the right environment.


Meth Addiction Treatment

Treatment for crystal meth addiction will begin with detox, where you’ll stop using the drug and experience withdrawal symptoms while being observed by treatment center physicians and staff. Unlike heroin or opiate addiction, no pharmacological treatments are available for crystal meth withdrawal. You may have heard that researchers are looking at Ibudilast and other drugs to counteract the stimulating effects of methamphetamines. These treatments are not yet available, however. Behavioral therapy and counseling within a strong support community are the best available treatments, and because crystal meth is so addictive, your best chance to overcome meth addiction will happen in a drug rehab center.


Your doctor’s diagnosis will be an important step in your treatment. Crystal meth addiction is frequently one of several issues that you’re facing. Your doctor might also see signs of depression or other psychological problems, all of which led to your crystal meth addiction in the first place. The doctors and staff at a drug rehab center like Treatment Now are trained to treat not just your crystal meth addiction, but also the other physical and psychosocial problems you might be experiencing. Because crystal meth is so highly addictive, you need to have all of these problems addressed to reduce the risk of relapses. Even with full treatment, relapses are not uncommon and you’ll need to remain committed to overcoming your addiction in order to succeed.


The rehab center may want to treat you as a resident patient for as long as sixteen weeks. You’ll receive group and individual therapy and counseling sessions, your family or support system might be involved and you’ll participate in drug-free social and training activities. You should expect to be tested for drug use regularly, even if you’re an inpatient, because your treatment staff will want to see that you’re staying away from the drug. Crystal meth addiction treatment can also involve incentives that your rehab center will offer as a reward for staying off the drug.


You need to make the first move to get treatment for crystal meth addiction.                         If you’re not sure where to start, talk to your doctor or call Treatment Now’s      professional addiction counseling staff. They’ll guide you to the optimum rehab and recovery program and will make sure that you get both the detox and rehab treatment you need to end your meth addiction.

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