Gambling addictions have the power to take over lives just as easily as drug or alcohol addictions. The problem with these addictions is the idea that it’s not as serious or dangerous because it doesn’t involve a dangerous substance like drug or alcohol. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


To determine whether one has a problem with gambling addiction, look for some of these signs:


  • loss of control when gambling
  • preoccupation with gambling
  • irritability when not gambling
  • gambling at increasing stakes
  • a constant effort to obtain money for gambling
  • continued gambling regardless of negative consequences
  • lying about gambling
  • using gambling as an outlet to deal with other problems
  • putting personal and professional relationships at risk because of gambling
  • partaking in illegal gambling activity


If five or more of these indicators are present, the person may need to seek professional assistance as they could be a victim of a gambling addiction. The good news is there are plenty of rehab facilities to help treat this type of problem.


Studies have shown those struggling with gambling addiction are likely to suffer from a drug and/or alcohol dependency, as well as anxiety, mood, or personality disorders. Because of this common dual diagnosis, treatment centers will often use a similar method to chemical dependency treatment centers. Similar treatment methods include Gamblers Anonymous meetings, medication, therapy—cognitive-behavioral, individual, group, and motivational, and life skills coaching.


An important aspect of gambling addiction treatment is the concept of honesty. Be sure to be open and honest with healthcare professionals, no matter how hard it is to face the truth. Be honest about how the gambling has affected every aspect of life, including personal and professional relationships, legal issues, and financial issues. If the professionals don’t know the full extent of the problem it will be difficult for them to properly treat the addiction. This includes the possibility of a dual diagnosis. If a second mental or physical health issue is suspected, make sure to truthful about that as well. Do research to ensure the chosen rehab facility includes treatment for comorbid disorders.


As gambling addiction becomes more and more recognized, the opportunity to seek proper treatment becomes more readily available. Make sure to do plenty of research, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, as the process of finding the right rehab center can be difficult.

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