Stimulants include both illegal drugs and prescription medicines. Addicts get a kick from abusing them through injections, orally, or by snorting them. Stimulant consumption results in heightened cognitive abilities. Cocaine, crack, and meth are infamous for their ability to mimic the stimulating effects of prescription drugs. However, unlike prescription stimulants that are released slowly into the system, illegal drugs have an almost immediate effect on the brain and the stimulating high not only sets in much quicker but is also more powerful.

Amphetamines and methylphenidates are popular stimulants prescribed by medical practitioners. Harmful consequences arising out of abusing these two stimulants are nearly the same.


Use of Stimulants


The state of Nevada records a high rate of stimulant addictions, and meth is the drug of choice here. Its use leads to a rush of dopamine in the brain resulting in a feeling of euphoria, improved sensory capabilities, and more energy. However, addiction to such drugs has a seriously debilitating effect on the user’s physical and mental health.


Treatment Options


Withdrawal symptoms are one of the biggest hurdles in recovering fully from drug abuse, and it is very difficult for an addict to reform himself without external help. It is not easy to deal with apprehensions, restlessness and melancholia totally on one’s own. If someone in your family is a victim of drug or alcohol addiction then that person needs professional counseling and help as well as your support. Permanent recovery from stimulant abuse is possible. You should consider counseling centers that have a reputation for helping their clients successfully overcome the drug habit.

Good centers have experienced counselors who are committed to giving the necessary time to each addict, and be there for any questions even after the detoxification program is completed. Qualified addiction experts know the kind of approach required for the different phases of a detoxification program. They can help an addict negotiate the early days, the withdrawal, health issues, and much more. Once the initial phase of rehabilitation is over, the addicts can begin residential treatment where they are taken care of by a patient and trained staff. It is also an opportunity to participate in sessions where fully treated ex-addicts share their success stories. The central causes of addiction are tackled. The subject gains the mental strength to conduct himself in the right way when faced with potential triggers that lead to drug consumption. The family is counseled and encouraged to resolve distressing issues. Stimulant abuse counselors understand that each patient’s circumstances are unique and they approach the case accordingly.


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