Step one on the road to recovery is “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.”  Acceptance is key if we ever expect to get our lives back to being manageable.  It takes a great deal of strength to admit powerlessness.  We so often have been in control of all aspects of our life it is insanely difficult to finally admit when there is an area we can no longer control.  Only when we admit this powerlessness are we able to look at our situation objectively and break the cycle.


Understanding AA’s 12 Steps: Step 1


To rebuild a house that is in any state of decay you must first tear the structure down to the foundation.  Any cracks or breaks in the foundation must be repaired before rebuilding.  We must look at ourselves in a similar manner.  We are the structure that needs to be rebuilt.  Admitting our powerlessness is akin to the demolition process.  This leaves us able to fix our “foundation” that addiction has weakened.  It’s necessary for rebuilding our lives to begin

The second thing step one shows us is how honest we are about wanting to change.  It’s been said that a person who does not want to change will not change.  In many cases this is the person who will consistently say that they are strong enough to handle everything on their own.

The biggest misconception about step one is that admitting powerlessness makes one weak.  Just the opposite is true.  Not only is it a needed step to freedom but it takes strength to realize and admit that your life is beyond your control and you need help.  We’ve mentioned before that someone will not change until they want to.  Many have the misconception this means hitting “rock bottom”.  It doesn’t always take a traumatic life event to induce change.  Seeing  one’s life out of control is often proof enough.  Surrender isn’t weak.  Many times it’s just the smart thing to do.  And it’s the heart of step One.

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