The eleventh step in Alcoholics Anonymous twelve step is “We have sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.”  Our ongoing process cannot become self reliant.  As in other steps we do the action while leaning on our higher Power for guidance.  We keep the focus outside of us, on greater things, and stay humble to the ever-present temptation of addiction and relapse.


Understanding AA’s 12 Steps: Step 11


The name of the game is emotional balance.  We have already seen the power of turning our burdens over to our higher Power.  In step eleven we strive for this help daily.  We realize our Power can help us through the struggles of everyday life.  The prayer to aid in our daily interaction with our higher Power reads:

God, direct my thinking today so that it be empty of self pity, dishonesty, self-will, self-seeking and fear. God, inspire my thinking, decisions and intuitions. Help me to relax and take it easy. Free me from doubt and indecision. Guide me through this day and show me my next step. God, show me what I need to do to take care of any problems. I ask all these things that I may be of maximum service to you and my fellow man. In the spirit of the Steps I pray. AMEN

Daily interaction does not only have to come from prayer.  You can also meditate or partake in some other kind of spiritual activity that focuses your attention away from daily needs and worries onto something pure and larger than the self.  This is an individual choice. If you need tools for daily spiritual life contact the organization that most closely represents your higher power.  Do your devotions in a place that is free of distractions.  By now we will most likely be out of any treatment center.  The distractions of everyday life often stop us.  Our daily interaction is a fairly easy task to keep up with.  Being distracted from it can easily lead to not doing it altogether.  When that happens we become increasingly in danger of falling back into destructive habits.

In our daily interactions with our higher Power we must make sure that we do not make specific demands.  Even though we do all the “doing” we let our higher power do the directing.  There is no specific Power you must pray to either.  We must always remain open minded and seeking deeper conscious contact with our Power.  It is not us who leads us through every day addiction free, but the larger force of serenity and salvation.


Keep going and stay strong as you progress on your journey of recovery. If you need additional assistance, contact Treatment Now at 844-438-8689.