There are a range of prices when it comes to addiction treatment programs and drug rehabilitation centers. Some things to consider include whether it is inpatient or outpatient, available amenities, and program details on rehabilitation and detoxification treatments. Cost can be a factor for many families looking into treatment for a loved one’s addiction. Low end costs range from $5,000 for standard residential programs to much more for luxury treatment programs which run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The most important thing to note is that excellent quality programs must be the right fit for your loved one.


Insurance and Financing Options for Rehab

One factor to keep in mind is whether health insurance will cover the treatment expenses. Since it is considered a medical expense, it is worth asking about coverage. There are also a range of payment options available through treatment centers. The cost of a loved one not being sober is too high not to look into all options available when finding the right treatment program.


A few factors affect addiction recovery program costs. These include:


Size of facility – A smaller clinic will be more cost effective than a larger facility and may be just as effective for your loved one


In state vs. out of state – Some states may not have what your family is looking for but there are costs associated with going out of state (transportation, namely) and some locations could be more expensive than others


Length of program – Many range from 30-60-90 days and longer. The longer you stay, the higher the cost.


Location – Obviously there will be a price difference from a small clinic in Michigan to a resort hospital in Malibu.


Options – A trendy, high end treatment program may offer private cooks, alternative therapies such as massage, yoga, saunas and more. These are included to help your loved one recover more quickly, relieve stress, and lower anxiety. Private rooms may also be available for additional cost rather than a shared or dorm style room.


Treatments available – Therapists, doctors, and counselors may be available at medical facilities whereas a recovery facility is simply a place to be away from drugs or alcohol. Inpatient and outpatient programs are run differently in that you pay less for outpatient which focuses on helping the person while they live in the real world. Inpatient treatment requires the person to live on site for residential treatment while in the program.
Whatever your income, many factors will determine how you proceed with treatment. Keep in mind, at the end of the day, it is your loved one’s sobriety which matters most to you and your family.


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