Sometimes it takes a tragic, life altering event – a DUI, a hospital visit, the death a loved one – to convince an addict they need help. Hitting bottom means hitting the breaking point in which denial dissipates and pain is free to reign. It’s a light bulb moment, when they realize enough is enough. Enough of the misery the they feel each morning, enough of the broken promises they keep making: it’s time to get help for addiction.

No one can say exactly where rock bottom lies. It’s different for every addict. Most alcoholics, before seeking help, will hit several lows that outsiders might consider rock bottom. A seemingly tragic life event like getting fired or going to jail for the night is often just the beginning. A person’s world can spin out of control for many, many years before it completely unravels. Nobody can determine when another person has hit rock bottom. Only the addicts themselves know. Often times it hits them all at once, out of nowhere—a big relief for everyone who has struggled to help them for so long with no results.

When dealing with a stubborn addict, many people choose to sit back and “allow” him or her to hit rock bottom. That’s a poor approach, for a few reasons. Firstly, rock bottom isn’t the point at which addicts seek treatment; it’s when they accept it. If help hasn’t already been offered to them, they will likely stay put and continue to abuse drugs or alcohol. Secondly, rock bottom isn’t always necessary: Most addicts can be urged into rehab if their family and friends stage a professional intervention. Rock bottom, however, they may not even survive, as it often takes the form of a devastating illness or accident.

If you have a loved one suffering from addiction, don’t wait for them to seek treatment all on their own accord. You can’t make the choice for them, of course, but you can help them make it themselves.

Rehabilitation is where rock bottom ends. Through intensive spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing, patients in rehab slowly regain their sense of hope and achievement. Some transcend rather quickly, leaping straight from rock bottom to the highest high they’ve experienced in years: a natural high, drug-free.


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