Can’t find that book you need for English Lit? Internet search, click, and buy.

Laid up and can’t get to the grocery store? Internet search, click, and buy.

Looking for some cheap, black market drugs?


Yep, you guessed it—Internet search, click, and buy.

We’ve reached the point where anything—from information to services to physical products—can be obtained with a point and click of the mouse. While making life easier for consumers, this has also opened new marketing doors for drug dealers. Doors that don’t discriminate between gender, socioeconomic status, age, or ethnicity. Heroin and other opiates are moving in and taking lives across cultural barriers.

Granted, the Internet isn’t solely responsible for the current heroin epidemic. There are the crooked doctors who like to over-prescribe. There are the patients who will play every trick in the book to convince their care providers to write that script for them, and then they’re off to con the next doc. Can’t forget the pharmaceutical companies, the politicians, the global war on drugs . . .

The point is that there is a problem, regardless of who is to blame. Internet access has just made it easier. Websites are popping up where people can get prescription drugs without prescriptions. By gathering user-submitted data from across the country on street prices, these sites can direct buyers to product in their area.

An example of data that can be found:

  • $25 Cheap OxyContin (old OC-crushable) 20 mg Wiscasset, ME
  • $3.75 Reasonable Methadone 10 mg Hartford, CT
  • $15 Pricey Oxycodone 15 mg Burlington, VT
  • $3 Overpriced Oxycodone 5 mg Providence, RI

Thanks to the evolution of the Dark Web, (web content on networks overlaying the public Internet; requires specific software, configurations, or authorization to access; used for illegal or criminal activity), these sites have come into existence. Believe it or not, the World Wide Web even has its very own pirate!  Dread Pirate Roberts, aka Ross Ulbricht, is a digital drug dealer who was sentenced to life in prison this past May for running an online drug den known as Silk Road.

Smartphone apps, like Instagram, get manipulated to facilitate illegal transactions and make connections with dealers.  With the ease that one can now purchase mind-altering illegal drugs, the heroin epidemic has been propelled forward at high speed. Heroin addictions tend to begin with an affinity for prescription opiates. Since these can be obtained along with pure heroin on the Dark Web, it’s not a surprise that once the medical professionals say no, the addicts turn to the web.  From there, it’s pretty much a waiting game to see how long it takes until the opiates are no longer enough and something stronger is needed to hit that high. Something purer. And cheaper.

The Good News

While the Internet has certainly contributed to the shadier side of the drug world, it has also brought forward amazing amounts of awareness. Social media platforms utilize blogs, discussion forms, and other informational sources to offer alternatives and knowledge about drug dangers and addiction.

Thanks to the Internet, places that offer answers, a friendly voice, and hope—places like Treatment Now—are a mouse click away.

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