Getting clean from any kind of drug addiction is never easy. Getting clean from a methamphetamine addiction? Even less so. A powerful stimulant, meth can steal your ability to experience pleasure and diminish memory functions. Meth addiction will take its user on a psychological trip through hell that wears down the mind and body, turning the user into something from a zombie movie.

There will be days where the pull seems too strong and you feel alone, defeated, or trapped by your addiction. All sorts of studies and statistics might give you the impression that freedom from meth addiction is an impossible mountain to climb. It’s not. With help, recovery and happiness are possible.

First Step to Quitting Meth: Medical Detoxification

Arguably, the most critical step in stopping methamphetamine use is to arrange for a medical detoxification in a reputable treatment facility or hospital.  The physical withdrawal symptoms of meth are uncomfortable and can be life-threatening depending on your medical and drug use history. Detox can take one to two weeks, or more if your situation is dire. Staff will oversee your detox, ensuring you stay as healthy and comfortable as possible throughout the process. You need to be fully detoxed before moving on to the next step, drug treatment.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Meth:

  • Chest pains
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings
  • Weight loss
  • Increased risk of strokes, seizures, and heart attacks

The next step, drug treatment, will explore the underlying reasons why you are addicted to meth in the first place. Through a regiment of counseling and therapy you’ll learn the life skills needed to cope with cravings and urges while pursuing recovery and safeguarding against triggers which can lead to relapse. Inpatient rehab centers specializing in meth addiction allow for recovery in a temptation-free environment, so you can focus on your sobriety goal. You want a treatment plan that is tailored to YOU for the best results.

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